The Finnish Historical Omnibus Society

The Finnish Historical Omnibus Society (SLHS) was established in 1978. It is a national bilingual organization who takes overall responsibility of historical knowledge, and storage of vehicles and objects of the Finnish bus traffic and industry to future generations. It publishes, funds and coordinates topical literature and researchThe society has app. 1500 members and more than 100 supporting businesses, 30 buses and coaches, and garage facilities in Parkano, Punkalaidun, Vahojärvi and Vuolenkoski.  

The partly bilingual members’ magazine HETKU has been published quarterly for over 30 years. The society has also published several topical and history books. It has local departments all over Finland to enable members to develop local safekeeping of historical material and equipment. The society arranges annually several trips and outings for members in Finland and neighboring countries. It works constantly in partnership with Linja-autoliitto (LAL), Mobilia, Suomen Elinkeinoelämän Keskusarkisto (ELKA) and with national and regional archive institutions.

By joining the society you can most effectively support collecting, researching and safekeeping the historical material and equipment of bus traffic and industry in Finland. The web pages of the society are available in six languages at


SLHS has over 20 departments along from Åland to Lapland. The departments are led by local area managers and they have regular interesting history emphasized meetings. They carry out travels and visits to bus companies. Members have free access to all meetings organized by the departments which count over one hundred on annual basis. More information on activities could be found in the Hetku magazine or at the home pages of the society.

A Swedish speaking department is acting in Åland.

Membership fees

Annual membership 40 €
Youth membership (under 20 years old) 20,00 €
Supporting businesses and organizations 150 €

Membership benefits

With the SLHS membership cardmembers will get discounts on for instance vehicle inspections, tires, hotels and holiday resorts, and at coffee houses, bookstores and travel agencies.

By utilizing these benefitsmembers will soon earn back the annual membership fee.